"Think of the years of blessing in the Promised Land that Joshua forfeited because the people had no faith in God! But Joshua patiently stayed with Moses and did his job, knowing that one day he and Caleb would get their promised inheritance (Num.14:1-9). Leaders must know not only how to win victories but also how to accept defeats." --Warren Wiersbe

This series is part of our church's long-term commitment to systematically study the whole Bible.


This Week
Lesson #14 (August 10, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua: Conclusion: Joshua's Final Charge to the People (chapter 24) (NotesAudio)

Prior Lessons
Lesson #1 (April 27, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua 1:1-9: God Encourages His Leader  (NotesAudio)
Lesson #2 (May 4, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua 2: A Convert in Canaan  (NotesAudio)
Lesson #3 (May 11, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua 3-4: Forward By Faith  (NotesAudio)
Lesson #4 (May 18, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua 5: Preparing for Victory  (NotesAudio)
Lesson #5 (May 25, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua 5:13-12:24 The Conquest of Canaan (NotesAudio)
Lesson #6 (June 1, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua 8: The Victory at Ai (NotesAudio)
Lesson #7 (June 8, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua 9: The Alliance With the Gibeonites (NotesAudio)
Lesson #8 (June 15, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua 10: The Defense of the Gibeonites (NotesAudio)
Lesson #9 (June 22, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua 12: The Conquered Kings (Notes, Audio)
June 29, 2014: No ABF (Freedom Celebration Sunday)
July 6, 2014: Chatru Mohinani: Evangelism (Audio)
Lesson #10 (July 13, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua 13-14: The Portion for the Two and a Half Tribes and for Caleb (NotesAudio)
Lesson #11 (July 20, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua: The Allotments for the Tribes of Judah (chapter 15) and Joseph (16-17) (NotesAudio)
Lesson #12 (July 27, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua: Conclusion: A Border Dispute (chapter 22) (NotesAudio)
Lesson #13 (August 3, 2014): Jim Hunter: Joshua: Conclusion: The Last Days of Joshua (chapters 23-24) (NotesAudio)

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